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Model: HiGold005
Stainless Steel 303

HHO Oxygen sensor spacer extender EFIE MAF MAP stainless
Oxygen Sensor Spacer / Extender / Gas saver / controller

1. Easy installation, no hassle of soldering, cutting, wiring, and tuning. No chemical additive needed.
2. Installation/Removal time is 10~20 minutes.
3. Made of SUS304 stainless steel. It avoids rust, corrosion, seizing or pitting of zinc-clad iron made by other vendors.
4. High precision computer CNC lathe machining.
5. It includes standard crush washer used for oxygen sensor to prevent air leakage.

2. Most cheap and effective in all gas saving equipment/additive. Shop once, and save gas almost forever.
5. Oxygen sensor does not detect oxygen concentration in the exhaust pipe.
It measures the difference of oxygen concentration in environment and that within the pipe.
Based on fluid dynamics, the concentration is higher in center and is lower in the rim of pipe.
6. By backing off the oxygen sensor out of the exhaust pipe, sensor detects less oxygen at the rim.
The concentration difference becomes higher. It raises the output signal voltage, and fooling the engine ECU to spray less gas.
7. Eliminate check engine light due to the added flows of HHO gas caused by abnormal reading of oxygen density.
8. Help save more gas if you have installed HHO generator in the car already.
13. It help burning gas more complete and reduce carbon accumulation due to leaner fuel.
14. The more complete burning also lower emission.
17. The ECU learning curve takes less than 100 miles of road driving.
12. Ordinary OBD-II cars can save about 5% on gasoline, OBD-1 car may even save up to 10~13%
5. The exhaust temperature is abot 600℉, and normal 2um think zinc-clad iron start peeling off above 320℉.

Functions 1: Use  to eliminate MIL (Malfunction indicator Lamp)
One to four-wire oxygen sensor voltage is between 0 and 1 volt. Five-wire ones is between 0 and 5 volts.
When oxygen sensor is bad, the averaging reading range becomes lower or higher than as normal condition.
In case of high reading, there is  90% chance to reduce the engine light on probability by pull the oxygen sensor 19~25mm off from the original position.
No need to replace an expensive sensor.
When the car catalytic converter is revised, it may cause the MIL on.
It is troublesome to use diagnostic scan tool to turn off the MIL often. It would be simpler to use the extender directly.
In really stubborn cases you can use two spacers to double the distance. Sometimes it slightly improves performance.

Function 2. Save gasoline bill

Use with Hydrogen Generator

This Oxygen sensor spacer is an absolute must if you have gone to the trouble of building and installing a Hydrogen Generator to save fuel.
Without an spacer fitted, you are just not getting the maximum savings that an HHO device is capable of delivering.
In fact in some cases, especially petrol engines, you could see little or no saving at all0. Or even end up using more fuel!
This is because the HHO generator burns the fuel more efficiently and produces oxygen as the hydrogen fuel enriched mixture burns.
The oxygen sensor detects richer oxygen and sends a message to Car ECU.
ECU assumes the mixture is running lean and therefore enriches the mixture with more fuel.
This is the reason why you could end up actually using more fuel with an HHO device instead of saving it.
By installing a spacer, the sensor is moved back off.
Sensor detects less oxygen in the exhaust flows.
It fools ECU that the oxygen in exhaust is less than it is.
The ECU then thinks the mixture is running richer and inject less fuel
Thus it saves you fuel.
If you already get fuel savings by installing HHO generator alone.
Then installing this simple spacer will almost guarantee further savings!
Because it leans out of the gas, car loses power a little bit if use the spacer alone.
The way to get better power is to use better engine oil such as 5W50 full synthetic oil. It reduces friction within the engine a lot.

1. Disconnect the negative lead from the battery as you should with all car electrical repairs or installations.
2. Locate the O2 sensor and disconnect at the terminal block from the exhaust manifold.
3. If you can't locate the 'pre cat' sensor then seek professional advice.
4. Unscrew the front oxygen sensor behind the exhaust manifold, not the O2 sensor after the catalytic converter.
5. Screw tight the spacer on to existing front O2 Sensor.
6. V6 and V8 engine will need to buy 2 pieces of spacer for the front O2 sensors.
7. If you have a dual exhaust system then you'll need to cover all O2 sensors, one for each.
8. Reconnect electrical connection back to the exhaust manifold.
9. Reconnect the negative lead on the battery.
10. The Car ECU will take time to reset and adjust itself.

1. Spacer fits on almost all the cars/trucks except Toyota by 2002 or or some models of Saturn and GM.
These can be easily identified as the sensor is held in place by two bolts rather than a screw fit.
2. For cases requiring higher power performance, this spacer alone is not enough.
3. If the oxygen sensor is really dead. Please replace sensor before using the spacer.
4. If you want to save gas further, you may need to install EFIE to manipulate the reading of oxygen sensor with HHO generator instead.

This product is intended for Off-Road / Racing use only.
Removing or defeating of a vehicle emissions system may be prohibited within your State.
Please check your local state laws.
This device is experimental as with all hydrogen related enhancers and parts and thus there is no guaranty as to its workability on your specific engine.
The isolator extender only works on threaded 02 sensors and not flanged type.
Once installed the kit is not returnable.
It is not warranted against breakage and clearance on your model vehicle and the area.
May need to be altered for clearance if it contacts the floorboard or other obstructions.


Weight: 41 grams
Fit: Standard 2/3/4/5 wire oxygen sensor, thread M18xP1.5mm, front casing diameter D=11.2~15mm
Total length: 34.5mm
Back off length: 26.0mm
Body: Stainless steel SUS303
Crush Washer:  Stainless steel SUS430
Tool required: open-end Wrench/Spanner (hex key 22mm)
Manufacture: Made in Taiwan
Warranty: None

Weight: 45.5 grams
Fit: Standard 2/3/4/5 wire oxygen sensor, thread M18xP1.5mm, front casing diameter D=11.2~15mm
Total length: 34.5mm
Back off length: 26.0mm
Body: Stainless steel SUS303
Crush Washer:  Stainless steel SUS430
Tool required: open-end Wrench/Spanner (hex key 22mm)
Manufacture: Made in Taiwan
Warranty: None

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