Shipping & Returns

Shipping fee:

Just input quantity of the item,
click [Add to Cart],
Click [Check out],
Select destination [Country],
Click [Update],
You will see shipping options and fee.
No registration required.
Please inform us if your country is not listed.
Temporal postal surcharge is applied starting 2021.4.01.

Customs clearance:

Duty free upper limit:
Greece USD70
Malaysia USD10 (import tax is 30% from China & Taiwan)

Shipping time:
Fastest: Fedex, DHL, UPS express savor, EMS
Normal: register air mail
Slow: register air parcel
Slowest: register air+ground parcel

Only info of acceptance, dispatch and delivery within Taiwan is  available for the last 6 months.
If you don't receive order within 14~21 days, contact us as soon as possible.

Postal Express Mail Service (EMS)

Size and weight limitation table (see Country list)
1: L<150cm, L+(W+H)2<300cm 2: L<105cm, L+(W+H)2<200cm
3: L<152cm, L+(W+H)2<274cm 4: L<60cm, L+W+H<90cm, roll L<90cm, L+D2<104cm
5: L<100cm, W<50cm , H<50cm
6: L<100cm, L+(W+H)2<200cm 7: L<150cm, L+(W+H)2<200cm
8: L<105cm, L+(W+H)*2<300cm
9: L<150cm, L+W+H<250cm
Weight increment 0.5KG
Weight limit 20KG
Not available to Cuba, Croatia, Lebanon, Reunion island.

DOA: 30 day exchange, buyer pays return shipping postage fee.

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