Shipping & Returns

Shipping Costs:
  Just input quantity of the item,
  Click on [Add to Cart],
  If buy other items, click on [Continue Shopping],
  Click on [shipping Estimator],
  Select destination [Country],
  You will see shipping options and fee.
  No registration required.

Customs clearance:
  Invoice is as gift.
  Buyer pays duty fee if domestic customs requests.
  Duty fee is not avoidable if by FedEx or UPS.

  Duty free upper limit:
  Greece USD70
  Malaysia USD0 (tax 30% from China & Taiwan)

  Fastest: UPS express savor, EMS
  Normal: register air mail
  Slow: register air parcel
  Slowest: register air+ground parcel
  Chunghwa Post Track & Trace Service
  For air mail / air parcel / EMS tracking within Taiwan
  Only info of acceptance, dispatch and delivery within Taiwan is
  available for the last 6 months.
  If you don't get in 14 days, contact us as soon as possible.
  Worldwide EMS operators

Fee Calculation:
  Please inform us if your country is not listed.
  We provide shipping with tracking number always.

  Free shipping:
  By authorization only.
  UPS express savor
    We have corporate account with UPS,
    so customs clearance is not avoidable.
  Postal Express Mail Service (EMS)
    Size and weight limitation table (see Country list)
    1: L<150cm, L+(W+H)*2<300cm
    2: L<105cm, L+(W+H)*2<200cm
    3: L<152cm, L+(W+H)*2<274cm
    4: L<60cm, L+W+H<90cm, roll L<90cm, L+D*2<104cm
    5: L<100cm, W<50cm , H<50cm
    6: L<100cm, L+(W+H)*2<200cm
    7: L<150cm, L+(W+H)*2<200cm
    8: L<105cm, L+(W+H)*2<300cm
    9: L<150cm, L+W+H<250cm
    Weight increment 0.5KG
    Weight limit 20KG
    Except Cuba, Croatia, Lebanon, Reunion island.
    Tracking number is EExxxxxxxxxTW.
  Postal register air mail
    Weight increment 0.1KG
    Weight limit 2.0KG
    Tracking number is RAxxxxxxxxxTW.
    It may become another number in certain countries.
    For example,
    it is RAyyyyyyyyyRU in Russia, RRzzzzzzzzzES in Spain.
  Postal register air parcel
    Weight increment: 0.5KG
    Weight limit 10/20KG (Check limit with us first)
    Australia & USA include insurance.
    Tracking number is CCxxxxxxxxxTW.

  DOA: 30 day exchange, buyer pays return shipping postage fee.
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